Publication T3.2.1_Prototype Smart CryptoMeter

Climate change and the associated energy transition are major challenges which also affect the way power is produced and how it is traded. Central power production plants are supplemented e.g. by decentralized production of private photovoltaic systems.
To cope with the fluctuating production of renewable power systems, flexibility of consumers and sophisticated energy monitoring will be necessary.

The energy monitoring acts as an enabler in multiple ways: it visualizes the energy consumption of specific devices and how and when those devices are used. This opens the possibility to lower the total energy consumption or to shift the peak energy consumption time. Prosumers also have the option to match their energy demand with their energy production, which increases the consumption of in-house produced energy, puts less load on the power grid and lowers cost for bought-in (i.e. out-of-house produced) energy [1].
For these reasons energy monitoring plays a critical role in a modern and decentralized energy market.

This project aims to deliver a platform not only for energy monitoring but also for using that information for trading energy in a safe way based on blockchain technology. As part of this project, we will also develop cryptographically secured smart metering devices. The security will ensure that measurements sent by the metering devices can not be manipulated during transmission to a server (a centralized system where the data is stored).