Pilot Berg en Terblijt: Energy sharing by prosumers

The association TIORC organized a pilot within the Interreg EMR project Blockchain4Prosumers (BC4P) in which 2 dwellings and 1 industrial building is brought together in one community.

Important aspect in this community of 3 buildings is the fact that 2 of them are regular houses, with inhabitants that are seen as prosumers within the spirit of BC4P. The relation with an industrial building is interesting, since these buildings usually have larger possibilities to generate renewable energy. The knowledge of how renewable energy can be shared/sold from one prosumer to another by using blockchain technology, is being developed in BC4P.

This pilot will show how energy-sharing systems can work, when they are supported by comprehensive systems and relevant monitoring. There will be a development of mock-ups of an interface, in which energy sharing can be optimized in a customer-friendly way supported by blockchain technology.

Wim Heuts
Jos Ubaghs