Pilot Jülich: Blockchain based Energy Monitoring

In this pilot the objective is to setup an energy monitoring, distribution pilot on the campus of FH Aachen in Juelich. One aspect of the pilot is the possibility to handle distributed campuses also cross border. The constructed cryptometers will be implemented on sub metering level and energy usage and control for example on work group level in different locations will be tested. There will be workshop series together with the associated partners Smart4Energy, Carpus+Partner and Stadtwerke Jülich where the implementation strategy, the monitoring and dashboard concepts and the developed technologies and methods will be discussed. The associated partner Energieagentur.NRW will also participate in the workshops and will add important input on the legislative and regulatory boundary conditions. Depending on the different power prices for each campus, as well as other aspects can be included in the monitoring pilot. Automated reports can be generated and the information are handled by using the peer-to-peer blockchain platform developed and provided in this project. The pilot will be executed by FH Aachen in collaboration with PXL. The associated partner SME Gillrath will also work together with the FH AC, to investigate the possibility to include the developed tools also in an industrial production site.

Dominik Stollenwerk