Pilot Hasselt/Diepenbeek: Blockchain based grid connection

In this pilot, Howest (pilotleader) and PXL want to develop one or more POCs together with the network operator Fluvius in which they can facilitate prosumers using blockchain technology to connect to the distribution network and thus facilitate energy exchange. One of the subjects of the POCs will be the registration of home batteries. Howest and – PXL will set up a support group with associated partners to help them shape the POCs in a targeted way and to link up with developments in the field. as associated partners they have already pledged to do so: – KBC (bank): helps with its Blockchain expertise team to look for links with developments in the field of electronic portfolios. – Settlemind (SME): specialises in blockchain applications and wants to think critically on the basis of its expertise. – Nuhma (Limburg climate company): can help with its shareholders, 41 Limburg municipalities, to have a solid reach and to indicate possibilities for cooperation. – POM (Provincial Development Company): facilitates Limburg’s working group on energy. Finally, we will also involve LRM, the Limburg investment company with interests in various innovative energy projects (including Solar Park Lommel, battery park Terhills site) in this group.

Kurt Callewaert

Koen Gilissen