Zuyd Hogeschool

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Zuyd Hogeschool has a long history in applied science education and research in the EMR. With 2 Professorships on durability and sustainability (Solar Energy in the Built Environment, Smart Urban Redesign), 3 Professorships on proces innovation (Innovative Entrepreneurship, Employability, Proces Mining) as well as 2 Professorships on Big Data (Applied AI, Data Visualization) Zuyd is a natural partner of the BC4P project. The BC4P project will allow us to combine the educational and research innovation capabilities from an Engineering, Computer Science and Business perspective, in order to develop an highly innovative and sustainable application for the future and current workforce of the EMR. Blockchain as a smart distributed ledger offers great opportunities for sustainability issues. Zuyd has experience in both sustainable energy as blockchain technology, Zuyd participates in the Techruption-Blockchain consortium at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen. In Interreg IIIA Vlaanderen Nederland, Erasmus +, Knowledge Alliances and Strategic Partnerships Zuyd has succesfully (led and) contributed to several projects.

Roger Bemelmans