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The FH-AC with its researchers from faculty 9 Medical Engineering and Technomathematics and faculty 10 Energy Technologies including the Institute NOWUM-Energy and the Institute of Nano- and Biotechnologies (INB) has experience in the field of blockchain, sensor development and energy system monitoring, optimization and energy market analysis. The research group of Prof. Sander is working on the blockchain domain and did prior work on the topic “Development of a blockchain based Smart Market Demonstrators” they worked on the development of an approval-based blockchain using Raspberry Pi’s which simulate a local electricity market based on historical data and use a blockchain as data and settlement layer. Currently, they work on “A classification system for Distributed Ledger Technologies with regard to possible deployment scenarios” where classification of different DLTs like blockchain and DAG (directed acyclic graph) are investigated, concerning different deployment scenarios, also in comparison with conventional data structures. The research group of Prof. Wagner work on sensor development projects, mainly on miniaturized chip-based sensor arrays to detect real-time parameters. Furthermore, they develop handheld and embedded measurement devices including the electronic, software and power management. The NOWUM-Energy institute participates in several projects in the energy transition sector. One project is KRaFT, where energy systems, consisting of electrical prosumers (production and consumption of electrical energy) act together as a virtual power plant. In this project, existing legislative, technical and organizational barriers of this prosumers are identified that act contrary to participate in such virtual power plants. The “Smarte Ladesäulen” project, together with FB9 covers the area of charging infrastructure for e-mobility. In this project the control strategies, business models and technical, as well as regulatory boundary conditions are investigated in details and new business models based on market environment are developed. NOWUM also runs an energy efficiency network with 7 producing companies, which could be a peer group to review the crypto meters and communication structures in this project.

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